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XXI century
word of mouth
The global phone book for instant search of specialists by recommendations of your friends

Social nets become out-of-date. They have a lot of functions but are heavy footed. It is very difficult to find important and actual information by using them.

There are no any news, blogs, advertisement in But we have met all requirements for comfortable and efficient collaboration among users of our service.

We solve the following user's tasks now:

1. Inform
your friends and familiars about your actual profession and competences

2. Set and control
the relevance and visibility of your contact information by yourself

3. Find
a needed specialist by recommendations of your friends

4. Remember
who is who in your note book and his actual profession

5. Unite
the contact data of your club, company or event

Unique features:

Open social graph

Make user's profile open to your friends, only by adding it to your business contacts

Actual information

Registered users control their professions, competences, contacts information and its visibility by self

No any news, blogs, advertisement in

We have met all requirements for comfortable and efficient collaboration among users of our service

Our dream

The single personal digital account for civil deals, contracts implementation and logging at internet services.

Developing of the system to control access to your private and personal information is one of the main goals of our project roadmap. You can easily manage information about your profession and contacts information and also make it available to some services and people or hide it from others.

We are building the ecosystem where every user is master of the situation
Tools for professionals and entrepreneurs

Performing the professional works for your friends and familiars is one of the best way to start your own business. We provide the automatic word of mouth in order to simplify the search and collaboration. is the easiest and reliable way to inform the world about your services.

Control of access to the personal data

You can easily register at other services and control of access to your private information by using the module and personal account at E.g. If your phone number is changed your hairdresser will be informed automatically. Also, you can easily cancel the permission for him to receive access to this information.

Enhancing an executor’s responsibility

Our target is the implementation of digital sign and user-to-user civil law contracts basing on the blockchain technology. It enhances the reliability of performing user tasks and forms the relevant true ratings of executors.

June 2018

iPhone version 1.0
Desktop web version 1.0
Mobile web version 1.0
Application features:

— Signing up by using phone no. with code +7
— Markets assignment to yourself or to other user
— Rating of users markets
— Markets approval
— Interception of profiles, which were created by other users
— Chatting like in messenger
— Adding and inviting your phone book contacts
— Forming list of specialists, which are recommended by user
— Privacy settings. Possibility to hide your phone no. or e-mail
— Adding nickname
— Displaying of personal account pages by URL, which includes user nickname
— Searching by Name, Surname or phone no.

July 2018

iPhone version 1.0.1
Desktop web version1.0.1
Mobile web version 1.0.1
New application features:
— Session timeout increased for mobile devices (mobile web version)
— Searching for specialists by location (desktop and mobile web versions)
— Choosing the application for emails sending (iPhone version)
— Enlargement of rating icons clickable area (iPhone version)
— Improvement of pushes (iPhone version)
— Rotating and cropping of avatars (desktop and mobile web versions)
— Increasing stability and speed of application (iPhone version)

September 2018

iPhone version 1.1
Desktop web version1.1
Mobile web version 1.1
New application features:
— Signing up by using phone no. of any country
— Possibility to select preferable interface language (English / Russian)
— Automatic language selection according to iPhone settings
— New markets system implementation: possibility to select or add not only markets but also professions

February 2020

Issuing of the Android version of the Application with features in accordance with iPhone v. 1.1

May 2020

Messenger development:
— corporate close or open multi-users chats
— file and pics sending
— location adding in chats

Implementation of club’s and corporate accounts and accounts for events (e.g. conferences, lectures, exhibitions, etc)

June 2020

Messenger development:
— implementation of audio/video calls

Improvement of user cooperation:
— implementation of users availability status
— system of orders and digital contracts

July 2020

Messenger development:
— implementation of conference calls

Implementation of the system to control access to your private and personal information by third-party services

September 2020

Implementation of the system for signing digital contracts between users of the Application. All terms of the Contract will be saved by using the blockchain technology and could be available to all users. However, contracts details could be changed only with agreement by both parties according to the order concluded in the Contract.


linkme team

Nikita Makarov
CEO, co-founder

Alexander Shelonin
Project manager, co-founder

We are ready to collaborate with professionals in design, marketing, pr and web management.

We are looking for hands and heads to achieve our aims together. If you are interested in our project please do not hesitate to contact us by email or